Mi LCD Wriring Tablet 13.5"

Mi LCD Wriring Tablet 13.5"


Mi LCD Wriring Tablet 13.5"


  • Draw on the go
  • record moments of inspiration
  • Pressure-sensitive writing
  • Ultra-clear handwriting
  • Magnetic stylus 
  • Lightweight, slim and easy to carry
    • Full Specification

      Whiteboard Xiaomi Mijia LCD 13.5"

      13.5" display - LCD - Clear button - Long life - Lightweight stylus - Low weight

      A board is always useful. Regardless of where you put it or how you use it, you will always find it useful. It is a place where you can express your thoughts, expose your ideas or be able to run the house in a simpler way. And even the boards evolves from an chalkboard to a high quality electronic device, which will allow you to express everything in a simpler way. With the new Whiteboard Xiaomi Mijia LCD 13.5" you can run your home without any problems, allowing you to achieve everything you want in a simpler way. Keep reading and you'll see how it does!

      13.5" of superior quality

      You can use it to be able to express your ideas at work, among other things. The new Xiaomi digital board is designed for you, so that you can do everything you set out to do more easily. With a very small weight and very thin design, you can easily transport it wherever you need it. This 13.5" model has an LCD screen, one of the best you'll find, which allows you to capture your thoughts, make drawings or whatever you want. You will be able to erase everything quickly thanks to its easy to use and low consumption erase button. In addition, with its lightweight stylus you can do everything easily and the whole family can use it, even small children. And it will last you a long time with its long-lasting battery - you'll love it!

      Technical specifications Whiteboard Xiaomi Mijia LCD 13.5":

      • Brand: Xiaomi
      • Model: XMXHB02WC
      • LCD screen
      • Screen Size: 13.5"
      • Interface: erase button
      • Material: ABS + LCD
      • Battery lasting up to 1 year
      • Dimensions and weight:
        • Measurements: 22.5 x 31.8 x 0.7 cm
        • Weight: 345 gr
        • Pencil weight: 7gr

      Box contents

      • 1 x Whiteboard Xiaomi Mijia LCD 13.5"
      • 1 x Pencil